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May 2, 2014 8:30am PDT
of the country for ukraine has a particularly difficult. these cute fashion map with russia. he's a threat to war over peace to war. what you think about the vast the statement in the commission coming from russia moscow. especially from the traveling involved with the ukrainian situation in your hands clean and simple dough in ukraine is impossible. the district is aggression has no support in the eastern side of the ukraine the eighteen percent of people in the east and so i think the don't ask plus two separate from ukraine and join russia trying to kill him. it was concocted skill was to have the internet these days is a very small to go on a sloping three seconds and chatting mom says there's no not to scale separatism and simple there is a good idea undeclared war being waged by pete in the king's ukraine and this has to be stopped immediately. i think i am not high. do you think that all the countries of the european union i really did go away games to russia. because many of them or at least for a consistent part of these countries. at a mexican accent the relationship in reality with mos
May 1, 2014 8:30am PDT
bring home the point all he said the cia and russia was going fine tune the new members of the federation. dr ian and sue basketball. we went to bed. boston police said one hundred thousand people. just wait for the damage of state to the opposition and human rights groups also held demonstrations eight russians he said. russia's foreign secretary sir gay club broke the school the meal authorities in kiev to hold talks with pro moscow sept taste in eastern ukraine. it comes as ukraine's interim president alexander touching office conceded that these forces are helpless to quell the unrest in donetsk and arms. the frost request the negotiations came while on a visit to peru. russia believes that a dialogue between your priorities in kiev and their opponents can be established within the framework of the organization for security and cooperation in uluru. we hope that all partners all western colleagues of the ukrainians to establish this dialogue without impediment. overnight in kiev ukraine stake dogs that responsible for the secure worthy of administered to buildings ar
Apr 29, 2014 5:00am PDT
a protest at the end of the demonstration for the docket ukraine and russia drive test detected much that is the pits with cops and sticks straight out of twelve casualties on in hospital the divine the condition that affects every other casualties receive appropriate medical into the ultimate home. action include the support of the pontifical club met with difficult people. i keep it together with the disciplines of the vocal during my time than now with about five thousand. what point it appeared in donetsk region the police and tell consul located but to fight us. i don't know when people with weapons seized the police town department. nobody visits to the terrorists during the daytime on people constructed barricades in front of the building of executive committee and in the official stop and direct call the box they did not declare any good marks on the fact that it is a force not just for the so called referendum planned for the eleventh of may the screenings the center of confrontation. the topping up of john of these has already started. but as he presses persona credited by
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3